The splatterculture in Hungary was in vogue again. Maybe not a coincidence, since the first spritzer made it home Foti Andrew Fay's basement, Vörösmarty partnership, which was the first Ányos Jedlik soda bottle.

As the old Hungarian tradition, which has since 2013 hungaricum matter, redesigned version of the best quality we offer our guests.

Bacchus nectar made from the highest quality, entirely from Hungary, natural ingredients.


Since ancient times accompanied the history of mankind, grapes and wine. They say an old "human" and "divine cheerfulness" appearance, because both of them comes from the same source. The Good God, that "a feel good", "good mood" to give "people in" the work of creating the grapes, cultivator and led him to experience as a delicious taste of the grapes, the flavor more mysteries, wine ...

"Blessed is the hand that the grapes were processed nicely educated, -because the saying goes: hard work of the" gods drink "to taste, can be consumed.

Good wine can be just good wine spritzer or a good cocktail prepared and Bacchus Nectar compiles the best raw materials drink of the gods. Hungarian wine making and viticulture undergoing a new renaissance. Made excellent Hungarian wines, of which difficult Basic Wine Karoly Ats wine we chose, who is not only famous for its 100-point wine is known, but several prestigious awards is given, so no wonder that the winery owns honorary titles.


Another important basis for the preparation of spritzer of soda and most of the water itself. A lot of mineral water or purified water can worsen the overall tone so drink carefully selected Bükki spring water. The source Lázbérc arising from the protected zone free of all mineral and rich with no off oxygen, which provides a silky smooth taste of taste so he became a worthy component of Bacchus Nectar.



In Latin sirrupus. A "syrup" Pál Bugáth’s  language reform words what the  'sipping', 'Heart (-acetone)' verb formed with withdrawal. Previously, it was the only name on the syrup, which is a drop-in replacement coined the term. The best Hungarian fruit and the syrup is made of linden blossom from the Bacchus nectar, honey tiny spiced with, it gives the uniqueness. The fruit syrups natural ingredients, quality Hungarian ingredients made from the finest honey in the hands of beekeepers is küzül it, so will the syrup and honey "The Syrup".



A cool iced drink divine  can not even imagine on a hot summer day. before the Bacchus nectar is discarded, the glass is ice, which cools drinks to our pleasant temperatures and last but not least, beautiful scenery to delight us ice cubes sitting bubbles. In addition to the spectacle of ice big role in making the correct temperature for the flavors provide consumers with the greatest pleasure.




Splatter thank Ányos Jedlik who invented and introduced András Fay Foti's estate in 1842 and gave the drink Vörösmarty splatter name because he did not like for spritz of soda bottles. The Bacchus Nectar using a special novelty, made special cocktails making bottle wins the special flavor of the ingredients of the carbon dioxide. As a maker of screwing the rod into the bottle of champagne to see and hear the swirl of bubbles. The cavalcade of flavors and bubbles in the bottle itself is a beautiful sight and the flavors can not be shaken, not stirred achieve the best overall sound.



A good spritzer good atmosphere and beautiful surroundings fit. Nectar of Bacchus site may independently developed by using a special tricycle, which allows you to drink in style take you anywhere. Beautiful and elegant design inherently superior element can be events, birthdays are, their private party. The unique design, development, home made Hungarian masters handiwork praises and mood of the 1920s evokes. Our bikes anywhere eltudjuk "push" when you order from us, but you can also be rented.



You like the tricycle? Good idea? You would like to try? Nectar of Bacchus Do you want to sell? You can do it. Alone we can not get everywhere so look for those enterprising Nectar Bacchus worshipers, inspired by a tricycle in Hungary. We've got the equipment to locations and a unique product, but if their ideas are also welcome.

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